Furniture Removal Checklist: Steps to Ensure a Seamless Process

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If you are getting ready to move your furniture, don’t let the task overwhelm you. While it can be daunting and uncomfortable to move or remove your treasured and prized permanent furniture, make a checklist and hire the right moving company.

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Before planning your move, create a checklist to simplify tasks, akin to the “Pizza Theory,” breaking big jobs into manageable slices.

Depending on your needs, preferences and objectives simply make a list of all the steps you need to take to get the result that you want. Instead of keeping it all in your head, write it down on a piece of paper, think about it and make changes and additions as required. Here’s a common Furniture Removal Checklist to help you get started:

  1. Take an inventory: First, make a list of all the items that you want to move. Even though you may be well aware of all the furniture that you own, it is common for people to forget some pieces in the heat of the moment on the day of the move. Making a detailed inventory will also help you get accurate quotes from the moving company.
  1. Do an inspection: We rarely inspect our home furniture and tend to avoid looking at damaged areas. Unknown to you, there may be cracks, marks, holes, abrasions, scratches and other damage. If you do not make a detailed note of all the damage, along with photos, there could be problems with your moving company later on as they may shirk responsibility or get accused unfairly for pre-existing damage.

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  1. Decide what to discard: If you are going to discard some items, sell them off or give them away, it is better to do so before you move. This will save you the cost and trouble of moving items that you do not want. In case you need to repair, clean or reupholster some items, it is best to do so after the move.
  1. Pre-Pack: While the job of packing all the furniture falls under the purview of your moving company, you can pre-pack certain items to be doubly sure that your possessions do not get damaged. For example, if your furniture has delicate ornamentation that moves, you may decide to remove it or protect it with EZ tape. If there are delicate corners that are prone to scratching, you may attach foam to those parts.
  1. Chart the journey: Before you initiate the move, be sure that you know how your possessions will get to their destination. Ask the moving company for details of the route that they will take and make sure that all the objects will fit through doorways, windows and hallways to get to their final resting place. This will avoid last minute problems and ad hoc solutions.

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  1. Prepare the destination: You also have to prepare the destination to receive your possessions. The destination address and space must be in your legal possession and you must have unhampered access to it on moving day. The space must also be big enough to accommodate all the items being moved and be safe and secure to avoid damage or pilferage after the move is done.
  1. Get insurance: To be overly sure and to protect against accidental or willful mishandling, theft, breakage and damage to your furniture while moving, you can take out an insurance policy that will reimburse you in case of any problems. If your furniture is fragile, valuable or hard to replace, this step is highly recommended.

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  1. Get a receipt: Before you hand over your possessions to the moving company, be sure to get a receipt, moving order, authorization, contract, invoice and other documentation. This will come in handy if there are any unforeseen problems, accidents or disagreements.

Picking a Moving Company

Choosing and engaging a good moving company is crucial for a smooth and seamless move. If you are looking for the best furniture removalists in Melbourne.

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One of the best furniture removalists in Melbourne are Hafiza Movers. we have a good track record, excellent reviews and offer a flexible and comfortable moving experience in the Melbourne area. We offer both residential and commercial moving service but also offer a specialized “Furniture Moving and Removalist Service.” With our expert guidance, a moving checklist and the right preparations, your move should be a jolly.

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