Moving from a Rental Property: Tips for a Smooth Transition

Moving out of a rental property poses unique challenges. However, if you follow some basic principles laid down by the ancient art of moving, you can have a smooth, stress free and safe transition while ensuring a good relationship with your landlord, getting back your deposit and retaining all your possessions. Here’s how:

  1. Prepare to Move

There are many reasons why people decide to move. Most people simply outgrow their houses or apartments and can afford a better place that is more suitable. Some move because they are not happy with their current domicile or because the contract is nearing completion or because work takes them to another city.  Regardless of why you are moving, it is a big step so take time to accept and embrace the event. Being mentally prepared will make your move easier.

  1. Find a new Place

Before you initiate your move, make sure that you have your new place identified and finalized. Once you know where you are moving to, you will feel much better about the whole thing and will be able to plan and prepare correctly. Knowing the new address will help you get accurate quotes from moving companies and give you a sense of security during this time.

  1. Give proper Notice

Just because you are moving away and do not require your old place does not mean that you should treat your old landlord disrespectfully. Make sure that you give proper notice, fulfill all your obligations and move our peacefully and courteously. This will enhance your moving experience and ensure that your landlord cooperates with you if you need help. Start by giving a written notice and a verbal follow-up ahead of time in accordance with your rental agreement.

  1. Hire the right Movers and Packers

Hire the right moving company and instruct them to leave the rental property in good condition. This means removing all your possessions but also removing all waste. You may also do minor repairs and cleaning to ensure that the property is inhabitable and ready for use by the next tenant. This will help you claim your entire deposit, if you have made one at the time of moving in.

  1. Discard all that you don’t need

The human tendency is to accumulate far more than we require. Moving is a good time to sort out the mountains of documents and possessions that have accumulated over the years. Make sure that you throw away all that you don’t need instead of carrying it to your new place or leaving it at your current address. This will reduce your moving cost, satisfy your current landlord and simplify your life.

  1. Change your registered address

Before you move, make sure that you contact everyone you know and let them know that you have moved. You can send out a mass mailer or “I have moved Card” but you will have to manually and individually change your listings with some vendors, utilities and service providers to transfer or terminate services. Make sure that no billable services are active that may bill your landlord or the next tenant.

  1. Move

If all the preparations have been made carefully and the moving company has been thoroughly selected and instructed, you can look forward to a smooth moving day. The Packers and Movers or “Removalists” will pack up all your belongings and transport them to your new place. You can unpack the clearly labeled “necessities” boxes and spend your first night at your new place.

  1. Handover

After you have moved all your possessions, it is best to revisit your old place and make sure that nothing has been left behind and that the property is ready to be handed back to the owners. You can then set up an inspection with the landlord to go over the premises and ensure that there is no major damage. Once the landlord is satisfied and returns your deposit, you can hand over the keys and anything else that the owners might need for the next tenant. For extra brownie points, you can meet the next tenant and give him tips to help him during his stay.

The right moving partner in Australia

As mentioned above, finding the right moving partner is crucial for a smooth move. While this process is the subject of another blog, the qualities that you are looking for in a moving company includes: dependability, professionalism, experience, good reviews, good service and reasonable cost.

Keeping these factors in mind, there is one company in Melbourne that is highly recommended and ideal for a smooth residential move. This is Hafiza Packers and Movers, a well respected and highly acclaimed moving service that specializes in seamless and smooth moving experiences. Their motto is “Move like a King” and their customer service and attention to detail is truly remarkable. With the help of a company like Hafiza, your move from a rental property is sure to be smooth and painless.

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