5 Tips for Choosing the Right Packers and Movers for Your Next Move

Moving house can be an exciting experience with the right moving company but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you make the wrong choice. Picking the right Movers and Packers is key but how do you choose the right company from a slew of options? This blog will give you 5 important insider tips on how to go about making your choice.

Before you start looking for moving companies and contacting, them, there are a few things you need to do. First of all, you should pick a date for your move. This will help you engage a moving company that has resources available on that day. Also, you should clean house and throw away everything that you do not need. This will reduce your moving cost. If you have the time, you should also make an inventory.

After you are prepared to move, you can begin contacting Moving and Packing companies in your area. This involves perusing the internet and shortlisting companies that seem competent and within your budget. To make your final decision, use this guide:

  1. Visit their website: A moving company that doesn’t have a website is suspect. Since moving and packing is a responsible job, any serious company should have a website with their address and contact information. From the look, feel and information on the site, you can usually make out the kind of company it is and the type of work they do. Photographs on the site can also give you an idea of their quality of work.
  1. Look at their reviews: Customer reviews can be very helpful in deciding upon a moving partner. Make sure that the company has at least 50 reviews and more than 60% of them are positive. Beware of companies that have over 10,000 reviews, as they could be fake. Read some of the reviews and see if there is a pattern of incompetence or cheating.
  1. Get a written Quote: Moving companies can sometimes add extra costs to your move on flimsy pretexts and this can lead to disagreements and conflicts. To avoid hassles later on, it is best to get a detailed written quotation by email or in a printed document to ensure that there are no hidden fees. Make sure you save the quote until the bill is settled.
  1. Comparing Prices: To ensure that you are paying a fair price, you should always get multiple quotes. While you may not automatically go with the cheapest vendor, this will give you some idea of the going market rate and ensure that you are not cheated. To do this efficiently, you should make an excel sheet with columns that you can use to compare prices and make an informed decision. Doing this math will help you save money the smart way.
  1. Choose a company that is based locally: When selecting a moving partner, it is best not to choose a company that is based faraway or in another city. A local company will understand the nuances of the neighborhood and can serve you better. Some big brands offer nationwide services but send teams from other cities, which may not be aware of local conditions.

These 5 pointers should help you choose the right moving company for a stress-free move. Although moving companies get a bad reputation, there are plenty of good ones, which aim to please and offer services that are well worth the price. Hopefully, you will pick a company that is a delight to work with.

For example, one company that fits all these criteria and has a good track record is Hafiza Packers and Movers in Melbourne. They offer packing and unpacking services in Melbourne that ticks all the right boxes. The company has an adequate website, positive reviews, fair prices and seems to do everything related to packing and moving.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. How much does Mover and Packer cost in Melbourne?


Ans. On average, a pair of movers with a truck costs $120 to $200 per hour in Melbourne.

Q2. How much does it cost to pack a house for moving?


Ans. The price varies depending on the work involved, the size of the house, the distance to the new house, the amount of packing material required, the size and amount of furniture etc. On average, a pair of movers with a truck costs $120 to $200 per hour in Australia.

Q3. How much does a mover cost in Australia?


Ans. On average, a pair of movers with a truck costs $120 to $200 per hour in Australia.

Q4. What to do while your movers are packing and moving?


Ans. While your movers are packing and moving, you should try to relax. Watching the movers handle your belongings can be irritating and frustrating in the same way that seeing the kitchen of your favorite restaurant can lead to a loss of appetite. You can supervise from a distance or simply go to your new house and wait for them to arrive with your belongings.

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